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Finished Bujold's A Civil Campaign and Diplomatic Immunity in audio.

I didn't have trouble listening to either the butterbug fight or the dinner scene which was intriguing because they annoyed me when I first read the book.  I still don't know what that butterbug fight was supposed to do for the plot, however.  And I still don't like Ekaterin, at all.  Less actually, if that's possible.  Her manipulations really irk me as that's her major complaint about Miles' behavior... pot meet kettle.

Interestingly enough, I really liked ACC when I first read it and only later decided that I didn't like it due to Ekaterin.  Conversely, DI was much better on my second time through (read it only once).  Maybe I'm now resigned to Miles being stuck with her, lol.  But since I wasn't looking for that romantic element any longer, it worked much better as an action plot.

Also read:

Hunter, Madeline Ravishing in Red

I had read the first couple of chapters and was underwhelmed with the setup but there was a very intriguing secondary characters and even though the book had gotten meh reviews I picked up a copy at the UBS last weekend.  Liked it much better than anticipated even though the reason I bought it (hero's brother) didn't work out the way I had hoped for.  First new book I wasn't annoyed with in quite some time.  I really liked it.  Looking forward to the next installment which happily comes out next Tuesday.

Finished Kinsale's Lessons in French this morning which started out good, went meh and then to 'oh, how incredibly dumb'.  It wasn't as horribly slapsticky as I had expected, but the good bits got lost in all the crap she surrounded it with.  Most interesting to me was Kinsale's assertion that she wrote a funny, light book.  I disagree completely.  It's a despressingly sad book with an unlikely and idiotic conclusion.

So much for my excitement after the Hunter that my reading slump might be over.  Gah!
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