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Schone, Robin The Lady's Tutor

Apart from her invention of a non-existent female anatomical feature I really liked it.

Schone, Robin The Lover and Gabriel's Woman

These were re-reads.  And coming right after TLT it was striking how dark they are.  Considering I like angst and dark, it's worth mentioning that although I like both books (apart from the fact that Schone does not know what many of the 'big' words she uses mean, which leads to unintended hilarity) they are a bit too dark for me.

Hunter, Madeline The Seducer 

Well, he was seducing all right, but, boy, what a boring book.  I've already forgotten what it was about.

Enoch, Suzanne Meet Me at Midnight

It was fun until about halfway through when the heroine decided to become TSTL.  I wish the villain had done away with her.

Thinking about heading to my local bookstore (aka Walmart) to see if the new Hunter is available.  Even though DA Jane liked it less than RiR and she didn't like that one very much at all...  Been mulling the 700+ books in my TBR mountain range, but so far nothing said 'read me'.

I really, really, REALLY want this reading slump to be over.  It may be time to pull out some old and new favorites, but I did that so much last year I'm afraid even these titles are losing their powers.
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