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Please help me welcome 4 new Firelings to the planet!

After making me think Wednesday and then again Thursday, and Friday *and* Saturday that she was surely going to have these babies that day, Wildfire finally settled down to things last night.  We have 4 new Firemountain Maine Coonlings, 3 boys and a girl. :)

They are all significantly larger than past litters, between 4oz for the girl and 5.4oz for the biggest boy and mom's labor was quite intense.  Colors are currently open for discussion, most likely the boys are cameos with white (red silver with white) and the girl looks to be a silver patched tabby with white.

Proud daddy is CFA GC Catgo Top Gun of Firemountain, proud mama is Koonikats Wildfire of Firemountain.

Firemountain March 2011 Litter
Tags: gunnie, kittens, march 2011, wildfire
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